Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maiden post: Alberta's Last Thursday

As summer fades into fall, Portlanders are keen on soaking up every last fair weather festivity. Enter Alberta’s Last Thursday. As the boy and I embark on our bike trek from Sellwood, we begin plotting where we’ll get our food fix for the evening. Several uphill miles later, we reach the throng of funky street fair fans, food carts, and our devious little plan: The large and in charge Super Burrito at Taqueria La Sirenita.

Just under five bucks for one of these behemoths. I got my Super B Relleno burrito overflowing with carnitas. Wait, we better back it up. I said Super B Relleno. This burrito is not only oozing with your meat-o-choice; it comes complete with a scrumptious stuffed, battered, cheesy pablano. I hastily unwrap the top of my burrito and sink my teeth into my first steaming bite. Mmmmmmm, delicious. Bite after bite of porky, cheesy, starchy flavor combinations ensue. Warm spices, flavorful meat - connective tissues appropriately broken down by hours of slow cooking. Manchego cheese twines its way through grains of Mexican rice and beans. Could the shredded pork have used just a tad more moisture? Sure, but for $4.75, it can make your mouth water enough to make up for it. If you gotta go kosher, they’ve got plenty of meat options: carne, pollo, lengua, and more (if you are unfamiliar with
lengua, Google it before ordering). And the salsa bar with radishes, pickled carrots and what-have-you….. well done.

Looking over my shoulder I am hit with a sudden rush of food envy. The girl behind me is happily chowing down on what looks like a smothered chimichanga. And what’s that over there, he got corn tortillas? I want a side of corn tortillas!

My rubber necking causes precious toppings to fall from my burrito, so I get back to business. Now when it comes to finishing my dinner, I’m no slouch, but I could feel a food baby gradually starting to grow in my belly. Just a few bites short of victory, I throw in the towel.
We bike home, food baby in full effect now, thanking gravity for a (mostly) downhill ride home. As I flop down to change into my jammies and take off my boots, what to my delight …. a tasty little stow-away! A snag of carnitas wedged between a cottony sock and leather. I get another whiff of that salty, porky goodness – and I share the wealth with my little kitty-boo.

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  1. Love La Sirenita! So full for so cheap! Looking forward to more food adventures.