Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Foodies Unite: NoPo Block Party

One of the great things about being a food hobbyist in Portland is that you can stay in the loop for all of the cool, er, free food events. So add yourself to the restaurants' e-mail blasts, like them on FaceBook ..... get involved! Your wallet and belly will thank you for it.

Point in case, my recent organized foraging trip around Killingsworth/NE 30th; prompted by Micah Camden's team. If you don't know him by name, you probably know him by domain:

B) Beast (not present)
with Naomi Pomeroy

As a Thank-You to loyal patrons, Yakuza, Fats, and D.O.C. offered plenty of free food, and plenty of variety. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:

FATS – My first stop on the free food foray. Fats put a great twist on their scotch eggs, brunch-ing it up with a maple glaze. A bit on the dry side, a personal pet peeve I have with eggs of any style, but big points on flavor. I snarfed down three of these bad boys along with an Oakshire Espresso Stout.

Yakuza - Oooh baby do I love me some raw fish - and beef for that matter! Yakuza had a line out the door, news reporters jamming microphones and cameras in faces, and still, we'll toiled on. It was worth it - Kobe tartar with jalapeño lime oil, crispy poached egg (served on crostini for this event), bite size tuna rolls (basic, but good).... cucumber avocado salad with spicy sesame sauce ... and round out the palette with deep fried porky bundles of goodness. Yes, the food was good, but had it been in regular setting, it would have shown it's true form of deliciousness.

D.O.C – Monsieur Boy took me here for our anniversary; one of my top dining experiences in Portland to date (good job Honey)! But alas, DOC was just a blip on the block party radar.
Lamb meatballs, eggplant tapenade ... both excellent, but the D.O.C experience is best left to a romantic dinner. Reservations are a must, as dining room seating is very limited. It does, after all, accommodate the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen is IN the dining room. What a pleasure to watch each one of your dishes being hand-crafted right before your eyes. Wine pairing? Sì, per favore!

Autentica – Not one of Camden's, but they got in on the action, too. Good for us! Autentica donated a heaping helping of seared Oregon albacore to the cause. More like a giant slab of ceviche on a thick, crisp tortilla chip. Their mole chicken, served on rice, boasts a house made sauce with more than 30 ingredients. Their mole warms the soul with chocolate, chile, anise, cloves, cinnamon, and just enough spice.

Until the next time, I'll be on the prowl throughout the city, ready to crash the next food party.

(and yes, M. Boy will be there, stuffing his face, too)

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